Professional Drone Services

Florida drone photography & video services. Samara Media provides quality professional drone productions for marketing, construction, real estate, engineering, film & news. Our professional drone services include, aerial cinematography, photography, video and data collection. We create stunning content on multi-platforms that help our clients gain higher visibility and grow their business.

Our Services

Drone Photography & Video Hartford Yard Goats


Aerial drone video and photography brings a fresh perspective to any marketing, advertising or promotional materials your project requires. We work with you from start to finish.

CT Drone Photography & Video Services

Drone Cinematography

We use a variety of drones to deliver memorable results that will satisfy your cinematic needs. Single and dual operator systems available. No production is too small for our crew.

CT drone photography & video services

Brand Strategy

We collaborate with you to create a professional quality video to promote your brand, enterprise, business or non-profit, Samara Media is a full service production company.

Real Estate, CT Drone Photography & Video Services

Real Estate

Your residential and commercial real estate listing will benefit from professional quality drone photography and video to showcase the grounds and amenities of the property.

CT Drone Photography & Video Services


Drone photography and video are beneficial in tracking progress of your construction project. Aerial data collected on site can provide you with tangible deliverables on safety and material usage.

CT Drone Photography & Video Services

News & Media

With over 25 years experience in the media and news industry, Samara Media has the knowledge to provide your organization with drone photography and video for stories and breaking news.

CT drone photography & video services

Sports & Entertainment

Samara Media can provide quality aerial coverage of your sporting and entertainment events, safely and professionally, using strict protocols that comply with FAA rules and regulations.

CT Drone Photography & Video Services

3D Modeling

Using drones to create 3D models is a great way to show progress of your project. From client meetings to municipal hearings, 3D models provide an interactive display.

CT Drone Photography & Video Services

Special Effects

Hyper-lapse and Time-lapse film effects are possible with use of todays drones. If you are looking for a visually different effect for you production let’s discuss the opportunities. 

Florida Drone Photography & Video Services

When you are considering a company to produce drone photography & video services for you business, organization or event be sure to hire a drone service provider that is FAA Part 107 Certified, is fully insured and has a proven track record of safety. Samara Media, LLC has been approved by the FAA since 2016. We fly a variety of platforms that allow us the flexibility to provide our clients with the right options for their projects and productions. 

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